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Comparative Evidence Paper: What Matters When it Comes to Adopting Local Content? A Comparative Analysis of Success Factors in Africa and Latin America

Local content is a development strategy aimed at increasing the benefits from the oil and gas sector and translating them to other sectors of the economy. While this strategy has been widely adopted in Africa and Latin America, little is known about why local content strategies have been successful – or not – in specific […]

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PAPER: National Level Implications of SDG Implementation in Ecuador

This study contributes to the understanding of the implications of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) implementation by presenting and analysing the case of Ecuador, based on lessons learned from implementing the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). In general, the country will have to enhance its existing mechanisms to monitor the accomplishment of the SDGs in order to […]

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INFOGRAFÍA: Cómo se ve el contenido local en los países petroleros de América Latina?

Los países productores de petróleo y gas en América Latina impulsan el contenido local a través de diferentes mecanismos como sus marcos legales. La siguiente infografía resume la investigación “Local Content Frameworks in Latin American Oil and Gas sector: Lessons from Ecuador and Colombia” elaborada por Grupo FARO.